Better Than Advice: The Sure Way To Control Your Bad Breath

PRLog – June 8, 2015 – “Advice” on how to control your bad breath is everywhere. Don’t eat this, brush longer or more often, floss. But despite your best efforts, halitosis remains.

Dr. Greg Rubin, ranked the number one expert on bad breath by, says that despite the body’s natural defenses, bacteria in the mouth can still build up.

“Ninety-five percent of bad breath comes from the buildup of odor from bad bacteria in your mouth,” he says.

Now, you shouldn’t let the imposing word “halitosis” fool you, it is not a disease; though it can indicate an underlying condition. In fact, the word was barely known before it was introduced as a marketing campaign for mouthwash during the 1920’s.

“No amount of brushing or flossing can kill the bacteria,” Dr. Rubin adds.

Since the bacteria that causes bad breath lives deep under the gum line, brushing and flossing won’t reach it and the only thing that truly kills these types of bacteria is oxygen, according to Dr. Greg Rubin.

“Bacteria is reintroduced everyday, so you must control it everyday.”

Dr. Greg Rubin treats patients for bad breath with an oxygen “chamber” that completely covers the gums and teeth and allows the oxygen to penetrate deep into the gums. And since you can do this treatment at home, you can control the bacteria everyday.

This treatment, called a BIOS system (bio immersion oxidation system) uses patented and FDA-approved methods to help you control the harmful bacteria on a daily basis, which is the most effective way of curing bad breath.

Dr. Greg Rubin offers a complimentary halitosis consultation for your convenience. The Calabasas Dental Institute is located at 4764 Park Granada #107, Calabasas, CA 91302; (818) 224-2420.

Using the latest in high-tech digital technology, Dr. Greg Rubin and his team of dental experts and specialists provide first rate personalized service in all aspects of cutting edge general and cosmetic dentistry. A sleep apnea treatment center, which offers the most advanced oral treatments on the market, is also conveniently located on the premises. Dr. Greg Rubin has pioneered some of the leading technologies in the treatment of bad breath and operates a one-stop bad breath treatment facility at the Calabasas location. For his innovation, he has been recognized nationally as a leading expert in bad breath treatment by, which ranked him #1 among other health experts in the field. For more information, please visit

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