Bad Breath

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Rated the number one expert in treating halitosis by dentists at, Dr. Greg Rubin has helped hundreds of patients eliminate their bad breath.

Dr. Rubin takes a proven and unique approach to killing the bacteria that causes the foul smell.

This innovative treatment is not widely used within the dental field, making Dr. Rubin a pioneer in this technique. The bacteria that accumulate within the mouth can carry disease and whey they die, they release toxins that destroy bone, healthy tissue and cause a number of health related problems.

Because the bacteria live and die deep below the gum line, simple brushing or flossing can’t reach into those areas. But Dr. Rubin’s method does and the treatment can even be done from the comfort of your home.

For patients who don’t respond to this treatment, Dr. Rubin also employs a laser treatment option that penetrates deep inside the gums to kill the bacteria and keep them from multiplying.

Traditional hygiene treatments are also available.

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